One last post.

I never thought I’d be back to write one more post, yet here I am. I just want to let you know that from now on, I will be posting under a brand new website, dedicated to my YouTube gaming Channel. I just want to take this time to thank everyone who read this blog over all the time it has been up. It’s not coming down, in fact, I plan to just let it sit here, as many people have linked to me in the past. So It’s time to pack up and get settled. See you guys over on the new website! (Twin_Turbo Live!)


Live Play! Stealth Inc. 2: A game of Clones

Darn, I messed up the post, This Was supposed to be on the other blog! Well, while I’m here….

Well, I’ve decided to make this “Live Play” thing a Fortnightly (Once every two weeks) thing! And with a free game fresh off the Humble Store, What better game to kick it off than with Stealth Inc. 2: A game of Clones! Check back here (or here if you want to use the chat) Sunday, September 7th at 7 PM Eastern [UTC -4]! (4 PM Pacific [UTC -7], 11 PM UTC)

Video Triple Threat: Descent 2 Player Challenge, and The Kid’s Guide to the internet!


Hey Guys! Long time no see. Today, I present a set of three videos for your enjoyment.  One is our standard 2 Player challenge, And the other two is Gino and I, refreshing our knowledge on the internet, using an extremely outdated guide. Let me know what you guys think!

(Not a) 2 Player Challenge! Pop’n Music Part 2/2

Hi guys! In the big conclusion of this two parter, I slowly lose my mind over winning over and over again over increasingly difficult settings. Eventually, I quit after rage winning, and… Well, It’s Better If you Watch.

– E